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Do you want to create the successful and sustainable business you desire without the hassle and struggle of having to figure everything out by yourself? Perhaps you’re already a business owner and are looking for an additional revenue stream selling high-quality wellness and lifestyle products without huge overheads or investment?


With our unique business system and framework, we give you all the tools and guidance to create a business that not only suits your lifestyle, but also helps you achieve your financial goals.


The path to the life you’ve been looking for begins here.

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Run Your Business from Anywhere

Have you thought about starting a business but found something always seemed to hold you back and stopped you from taking the leap?


Maybe it was because you simply didn’t know where to start or felt too overwhelmed about the set-up costs or what was involved.


Perhaps you already own a business and want to add an additional revenue stream through selling high-quality products to your existing customers without a huge investment or carrying stock.


At YOUR BEST LIFE we’ve created a simple to follow process, a ‘turn-key’ system for generating additional income, that you can literally run from your smartphone.


Using our unique online platform, we guide you through our proven process whilst working alongside you every step of the way. In essence, we’ve dealt with all the hard stuff so you don’t have to.  


Brand Partnership

If you use the products, love the results, then why not become an advocate?  Just like we support individuals to grow and flourish, we also partner with like-minded businesses who are looking for ways to support their clients while generating an additional income stream. 

With brand partners across a number of industries such as beauty services, alternative health, wellness, sports and personal fitness, we work with you one on one to help implement our products into your business, support growth and provide education around our range. After all, your success is our success.


  • Low investment barrier with referral-based business model

  • No inventory or shelf stock as product is shipped directly to the customer

  • All logistics, returns and account enquiries taken care of for you

  • Simple accounting, reported weekly

  • QR code ordering makes it simple for clients

  • Full suite of marketing and social assets for you to use

"Since using Collagen Elixir, not only is my skin glowing and hydrated but my dermatitis has improved immensely, I’m no longer itching. I loved the results of this product so much the YBL team helped me launch it into my salon and gave me the tools I needed to promote this product for healthy hair, skin, and nails to my clients. I have a loyal customer base who trust me, and I wouldn’t recommend a product that I didn’t believe in. Collagen Elixir has been a great addition to my business and the supplementary income a life-saver during times of closure during the pandemic."

Bronwyn - Salon Owner  

Remuera, Auckland

Achieve Your Financial Goals 

Whether you’re looking for something that’s going to give you additional income, now or in the future, or maybe you want something that will give you flexibility and a better work life balance.

  • Additional Income Stream

  • Change of Career or Direction

  • Paying off your Mortgage

  • Saving for a Life Goal

  • Financial Exit Strategy

  • Clearing Your Debts

  • Retirement Back Up Plan

  • Full Time, Part Time or as a Side Line

  • Future Proof yourself for Times of Uncertainty

  • Keep Generating Income During Lockdowns

Whatever your reason for getting started, with YOUR BEST LIFE you have the power to unlock more money, time and freedom flexibility by creating a business that works for you. We work closely with all our new team members to give them the tools and knowledge to get them started on their journey and show them the pathway for achieving their financial goals.

We're the Exception, Not the Rule 

Lecture Hall Tutor

For many people, one of the biggest barriers for starting their own business are the start-up costs and overheads.


With YOUR BEST LIFE we’ve developed a system that keeps overheads as low as possible, which means you get all the benefits of a franchise like system but without all the excessive upfront costs.  What’s more, unlike other business platforms out there, we’ve developed a proven system that supports and guides each of our new business owners through every step in the process. We continue to support and work with you, to achieve your goals on an ongoing basis.


Simply put, we’re the exception to the rule.

Innovation at the Forefront

How would you like a business that reflects your own personal health, wellbeing goals and lifestyle?  

YOUR BEST LIFE is aligned with Isagenix, a global company offering a wide range of premium LUXE health and wellbeing products. Isagenix uses the best of Western nutrition and Eastern principles, combined with adaptogens and botanicals to create products that deliver the best of what nature and science have to offer. While this remains very much at the heart of the Isagenix philosophy and the roots of the business, they are constantly looking to evolve and grow with new products that harness the best of new technology and innovation. Isagenix is a forward thinking company that strives to be ahead of curve and by aligning your business with them, you will be too.  

As Featured In

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Wellness Lifestyle


To live YOUR BEST LIFE in every area of wellbeing you need quality, premium products that make an impact whilst still being affordable, accessible and convenient.

Our unique range of lifestyle products offer solutions for improved vitality. Choose to work with the entire Isagenix product range, or focus on one specific area, it’s totally up to you.


Marine Collagen ∙ Antioxidents ∙ Skincare Technology


Informed Sport Certified ∙ All-Natural Supplements


Functional Beverages ∙ Natural Metabolism Booster


Superfoods ∙ Wholefoods ∙ Organic Raw Foods





Healthy shouldn’t have to be hard. 

Simplify your life through unique wellbeing solutions.

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Your Best Life was founded by a three women juggling busy lives – careers, family, kids, relationships – while fighting to make our health and wellness a priority. Like many women, we struggled to do it all and do it on our own – we discovered we needed the support of each other.

We believe everyone deserves better wellbeing from the inside out. We are real women,  perfectly flawed, but deeply passionate about ‘The Art of Wellbeing’ – a combination of premium wellness products and one-on-one coaching support that really works to help people reach their goals.

When we began our wellness journey with Isagenix all three of us were looking to lose weight, increase our energy levels and find nutritional balance through a lifestyle that worked for us, not against us. We were initially focussed on our own goals and supporting each other to achieve them. However, as we started to eat better, feel better, move better and look better, people started to notice and wanted in on our secret. As we began to share what worked for us and help others achieve their goals, what evolved was a community of like-minded women and flourishing businesses for each of us.

Now, several years on, we are supporting a large network of women who have also turned their wellness journey into a business – having their products paid for and in turn, earning an income stream. We have also partnered with businesses in the wellness, alternative medicine, personal fitness and beauty industries to help them generate additional income through selling our products.

The best thing about a business like this is the ongoing, unwavering support, not only from each other but from Isagenix – if it’s not good for the customer, it’s not good for us – that guiding principle has held us in good stead as we continue to grow, evolve and help raise the vibe of women.    

By becoming part of the YOUR BEST LIFE team you will never feel alone in your journey.


We're here to bring the best out in you.

- Your Best Life

Image by Ben Duchac

We are simply better together.


We provide elevated wellness solutions because everyone deserves to feel healthy.

The Art of Wellbeing.


Everything we do impacts our health, families and planet. So let's do better and make it so simple everyone can do it!

Simple. Better. Together. 


We are industry innovators with a 20-year legacy in providing:

  • Transformative Products

  • Effective Systems

  • Trusted Business Opportunities 

  • A Community that Cares


Let's Talk

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